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Same & Different

In this presentation I explain how we are all the same, although we might look different. I brings awareness about disability and at the same time promote inclusion, by teaching the children that we all have something in common.

This presentation is pitched at Kindergarten, P1 or P2 level.It fits particularly well with the PYP transdisciplinary theme of “Who we are” or any topic related to “About Me” or “Similarity and difference”.​

The duration of this presentation is roughly 10 minutes.

I use my own specialised computer with eye-gaze device to share my presentations and will need a projector or DigiBoard with sound system that can be connected to it. 

I build my presentations using my communication tools. I brainstorm with my communication assistant and my input and choices are used to build the presentation. Whilst I need help to input the information in to PowerPoint, every detail of every slide is approved by me.

The speech comes from my voice output device and is pre-recorded and added to each slide. 

As I am a wheelchair user the premises needs to be accessible. 

This presentation is given free of charge to schools​.

“Claire went home that day and told us: "you know, some people speak using their eyes!" We thought she was about to educate us on facial expressions or body languages, but we were wrong. She went on to tell us such an incredible experience she had at school meeting Catrin! We believe Catrin's short visit had planted a seed in Claire's mind towards being strong, positive and open-minded.”

Parent of a student at Clearwater Bay School

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